ALROSA is the world leader in diamond mining, accounting for over 25% in the global diamond production in terms of carats. It operates more than 20 diamond deposits located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk Region of Russia, and has resources of more than 1 billion carats. ALROSA’s trading subsidiaries are located in key global diamond trading centres. The company is on the board of directors and management bodies of several international diamond industry organisations.

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Investor Presentation 10-Jul-18
More ALROSA presentations http://eng.alrosa.ru/documents/events-presentations/


Sustainability Reports/Links

Social & Environmental Report 2017 19-Oct-18
Social & Environmental
Report 2016
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Annual/Quarterly Reports and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Statements

Financial year ends 31 December

IFRS Consolidated Statement Q3 & 9mths to Sep 18 8-Nov-18
IFRS Consolidated Statement Q2 2018 24-Aug-18
IFRS Consolidated Statement Q1 2018 16-May-18
FRS Consolidated Statement in Roubles 2017 15-Mar-18
IFRS Consolidated Statement Q3 & 9mths to Sep 17 17-Nov-17
IFRS Consolidated Statement in Roubles Q2 and H1 2017 30-Aug-17 
Annual Report 2016 6 Jul 17
Q1 2017 25-May-17
IFRS Consolidated Statement in Dollars 2016 14-Apr-17
IFRS Consolidated Statement in Roubles 2016 16-Mar-17
More quarterly reports http://eng.alrosa.ru/documents/financial-results-reporting/


Production Reports/Operational Overviews

Q3 2018 22-Oct-18
Q2 2018 23-Jul-18
Q1 2018 20-Apr-18
Q4 2017 26-Jan-18
Q3 2017 23-Oct-17
Q2 2017 24-Jul-17
Q1 2017 20-Apr-17
Q4 & FY 2016 30-Jan-17
More reports http://eng.alrosa.ru/documents/operational-results-2/



ALROSA operates more than 20 diamond deposits across Russia. These are grouped into 6 divisions. In 2016 51% of the total carats mined are from open-pits, 30% from underground mining and 19% from alluvial mining.

Division Mine Mining Method Production 2017
Jubilee Pipe Open-pit 10,160
Aikhal Pipe Underground 2,480
Komsomolskaya Pipe Open-pit 370
Total Aikhal division 13,010
International Pipe Underground 3,699
Mir Pipe Underground 2,772
Alluvial and technogenic deposits Alluvial 760
Total Mirny division 7,231
Udachnaya Pipe Open-pit 1,046
Udachnaya UG mine Underground 1,615
Zarnitsa pipe Open-pit 786
Zapolyarnaya pipe 80
Alluvial deposits Alluvial 295
Total Udacnhy division 3,821
Nyurbinskaya Pipe Open-pit 4,774
Botuobinskaya Pipe Open-pit 1,211
Alluvial deposits Alluvial 1,728
Total Nyurba division 7,713
Lomonosov (Severalmaz) Open-pit 2,642
Almazy Anabara and Nizhne-Lenskoe Alluvial 5,197
Total ALROSA 39,614


Reserves and Resources

As of 1 July 2016

Reserves 653 million carats
Gross Resources: 1030 million carats (including reserves)
More information: http://eng.alrosa.ru/investors/reserves-and-resources/