Clifford Elphick

Chief Executive Officer, Gem Diamonds Limited

Clifford joined Anglo American Corporation in 1986 and was seconded to E. Oppenheimer and Son as Harry Oppenheimer’s personal assistant in 1988. From 1990-2004, he was Managing Director of E. Oppenheimer and Son. During that time, Clifford was a Director of Central Holdings, Anglo American and DB Investments as well as serving on the De Beers Executive Committee.


Clifford established the global Private Equity Business of E. Oppenheimer and Son and originated and led the privatisation of De Beers in 2000. After leaving the Anglo/De Beers Group, he established Gem Diamonds and is the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the non-Executive Chairman of Zanaga Iron Ore Company Limited, a company he established in 2006.