Testing Program for Diamond Verification Instruments

The ASSURE Program has developed a universal standard to test the performance of Diamond Verification Instruments in a consistent manner.

A Diamond Verification Instrument is a device used to separate and/or identify diamonds from synthetic diamonds. In the trade, they are also known as synthetic diamond screening or detection devices.

The ASSURE Program will deliver ongoing testing of Diamond Verification Instruments to ensure the trade is fully informed of the relative performance of the Diamond Verification Instruments in the market. The instruments are rigorously tested in a transparent manner against a unique common sample and standard.

The Diamond Verification Instrument Standard, which details the methods and protocols used to conduct the tests, was developed by the professional standard house UL in collaboration with experts from FSBI TISNCM, GIA, GII, DBIS/IIDGR, NGTC, SSEF and WTOCD who formed the ASSURE Technical Committee.  Each instrument is tested on the ASSURE Core Sample, a highly contaminated sample made up of 1,000 loose natural diamonds and 200 loose synthetic diamonds including very challenging synthetic diamonds, some of which are not yet available in the market. When needed, 200 loose diamond simulants were added to the sample.

The ASSURE Program has partnered with the manufacturers representing the most widely available devices in the market. These instruments were submitted for testing to third-party laboratory UL. The result of these test are published in the ASSURE Directory.

The ASSURE Directory contains the independent third-party verified performance test results for Diamond Verification Instruments participating. The ASSURE directory will be regularly updated as new instruments are submitted to testing or re-testing.

The ASSURE Program is an ongoing program that will continuously test the Diamond Verification Instruments available on the market. The ASSURE Sample will also evolve to include new synthetics diamonds as they are identified.

Diamond Verification Instruments, and adequate detection and screening processes, are one of the key tools in safeguarding your operations from undisclosed synthetic diamonds. You can also learn more about how to ensure pipeline integrity using adequate Diamond Verification Instruments in your operations:

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  3. Selecting the Right Instrument
  4. ASSURE Test Process
  5. Reading ASSURE Test Results (pdf)
  6. ASSURE Partners and Certification Mark
  7. ASSURE Directory

If you have questions about the ASSURE Directory or Diamond Verification Instruments, please contact us at assure@diamondproducers.com.

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