ASSURE Partners and Certification Mark

The ASSURE Program has partnered with the manufacturers representing the most widely available devices in the market.  These instruments were submitted for testing to third-party laboratory UL. The results of these tests will continuously be made available in the ASSURE Directory. Going forward, the ASSURE Directory will be a continuously updated resource for the trade and we will publish ASSURE test results and retest results as they become available.

The instruments that were submitted by the ASSURE Partners are issued with the ASSURE Tested mark which give assurance to the trade that the test results are robust and reliable.


ASSURE Tested Mark

The ASSURE TESTED Mark is exclusively available to ASSURE PARTNERS who have agreed to submit their instruments for test

ing by the ASSURE Testing programme.  It is an external assurance that the Diamond Verification Instrument has been tested by an indepen

dent third-party laboratory in accordance with the Diamond Instrument Verification Standard.

Please note that the ASSURE TESTED mark certifies the test results, not the instrument.

The ASSURE TESTED mark displays key information and links to further information that is listed under the instrument’s page in the ASSURE Directory. The ASSURE TESTED mark give customers assurance that the test results are legitimate; however, it does not give an opinion on the test result. A Diamond Verification Instrument that have a Diamond False Positive Rate of 0% and an instrument that performed 20% are both entitled to use the ASSURE TESTED mark. The ASSURE TESTED mark simply gives an assurance that the performance score is genuine and that the instrument has been independently tested in accordance with the Diamond Instrument Verification Standard.

Instruments that are tested on behalf of DPA, and not in collaboration with the manufacturer, will not be able to use the ASSURE TESTED mark.


ASSURE Partner Mark

The ASSURE Partners can also use the ASSURE PARTNER mark which is an external assurance that the manufacturer of Diamond Verification Instruments is committed to the ASSURE Program and has sent instruments to be ASSURE TESTED.


Independent Third-Party Test Agency

To ensure the integrity and independence of the test process, the tests are managed by an independent third-party test laboratory. For the first round of testing UL is appointed as the independent test agency. UL performed the tests in their laboratory in Canton, Massachusetts, United States. The tests are performed on behalf of the manufacturers of the instruments in accordance with the Diamond Verification Instrument Standard.


UL fosters safe living and working conditions for people everywhere through the application of science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. UL test, inspect, audit, certify, validate, verify, advise and train, and support these efforts with software solutions for safety and sustainability.

Since 1894, UL has helped to set more than 1,600 standards defining safety, security, quality and sustainability. UL operates in more than 143 countries and across more than 20 industries. UL marks appear on more than 22 billion products globally. Click here to learn more.


ASSURE Partners

The ASSURE Program initially partnered with the manufacturers representing the most widely available devices in the market. The ASSURE Partners contributed to the development of the Diamond Verification Instrument Standard through submitting information on how their instrument operate and by sharing their expertise and knowledge on how the instrument are used. The ASSURE Partners sent in their instruments to UL for testing and the results will be published in the ASSURE Directory continuously as the become available. Click here to find a short summary of the ASSURE Tested instruments.

To promote transparency, the Diamond Producers Association may acquire instruments and submit for ASSURE testing, even if the manufacturer do not wish to partner with the ASSURE Program. These instruments will not be ASSURE certified.

To learn more about the ASSURE Partners, please find respective manufacturer’s introduction below:


Arotek Scientific Instruments/Gemmological Institute of India (GII)

Gemmological Institute of India (GII) Mumbai established in 1971 is the pioneer in India in gemmology education, gem and diamond testing, and certification. GII is a project of the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) which is supported by the gem industry in India. GII has a strong research and development programme equipped with all sophisticated spectroscopic instruments and gem testing facilities. GII is the only gem testing laboratory in India recognised as a SIRO (Scientific Industrial Research Organisation) by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is manned by well-trained scientific personnel and FGA qualified gemmologist. GII has developed a machine for quick detection of synthetic diamonds from large sample packets of natural diamonds in melee-star sizes of natural diamond parcels (Q-CHK AdC). This is done in technical collaboration with Arotek Scientific Instruments located in Thane, India. Arotek Scientific Instruments is a well-known supplier of lab testing equipment like XRF and optical instruments. Arotek is supplying the scientific measuring equipment to the research laboratories, hospitals, medical companies and bio-technology firms. Click here to find out more about GII and Arotek.


De Beers Group Industry Services

De Beers Group Industry Services (formerly IIDGR) provides the diamond industry with the very best in diamond verification, education and grading services. Confidence is everything in the diamond sector. Customers, suppliers, financiers and end consumers all increasingly demand assurance when it comes to diamonds, and that’s where Industry Services plays a key role. With a range of products and services that provide confidence in product integrity, product knowledge and product assessment, we bring the benefit of more than 125 years of De Beers experience to help our customers with the most important C of all: Confidence. Hardwiring our expertise into technology underpins our ability to give customers accurate, reliable and repeatable outcomes – whether it’s within our own diamond grading services, or in the diamond verification instruments we sell. Our technology leadership ensures our customers can have 100% trust in both the integrity and assessments of their diamonds, helping them in turn offer this priceless commodity to their own supply chain partners. Click here to learn more.


DRC Techno

DRC Techno is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization founded in 2012, to actively engage in research and development of technologies and solutions for safeguarding diamond manufacturing and jewelry industry at large; alongside participating and conducting social welfare activities in the area we operate. Our team includes gemmologists, scientists, IT specialists and electrical & mechanical engineers. The ideology and the sense of purpose has been clear right from the inception, along with the passion to become the world’s leading synthetic (CVD/HPHT) diamonds research company, which now provides a solution at every price point. DRC Techno alongside these innovations have continuously worked on providing more than 20 software updates to protect our customer’s trust and business. Over and above, unique has also been the development of a support program superior to all others with round the clock 24-hour global service. Click here to learn more.



Gemlogis was co-founded by an established gemological precision engineer. Their early successes enabled the gemological testing industry to grow into what it currently is. Today, Gemlogis creates a suite of innovative products by integrating aesthetic elements into an abiding R&D process. As an original brand manufacturer and original design manufacturer, Gemlogis instruments are guaranteed to exceed expectations at the most affordable price. Gemlogis manufacturing facilities hold certificates for ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and TS16949. Environmental responsibility are as important as quality; all Gemlogis instruments have officially obtained certificates such as TUV, CE, ROHS from authorized parties. Click here to learn more.



Gemometrics is a Swedish company that provides new solutions for working professionals within the gemstone industry. Inventor of the company’s first product on the market, GemPen®, is renowned Swedish gemologist Torbjörn Lindwall. He identified the need for a portable device that could spot sophisticated synthetic diamonds and treatments of diamonds. Thus, he developed GemPen®: a portable, battery powered screening device for diamonds. GemPen® utilises UV-light technology with unique combinations of wavelengths and filtering. Once turned on and directed towards a diamond, the USOF (Ultra Spectrum Optical Filtering) technology enables display of unique fluorescence effects, providing results on treatments and synthetics that are not visible using standard UV-light products. Primary feature of GemPen® is that it enables detection of synthetic CVD and HPHT diamonds, as well as HPHT treated natural diamonds. As the technology is light-based, it can screen stones directly, without the need to place them in a compartment. This enables users to screen numerous diamonds in a matter of minutes. There are no size limitations and it works just as well on rough and mounted stones. An important complimentary tool to GemPen® is the Gemstone Map, an image bank of reference diamonds tested by GemPen® that illustrates fluorescence effects. The Gemstone Map is continuously updated for its users. Click here to learn more.



Established in 1931, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) protects the public through gemological research, education, impartial gem identification and grading services, and instrument development. The world’s foremost authority in gemology, GIA sets the global standard for determining the quality of diamonds and performs research-based identification of colored gems and pearls. GIA created the 4Cs, the International Diamond Grading System™ and the 7 Pearl Value Factors™, providing all who buy or sell gemstones with a common language for describing quality.

For more than 88 years, GIA’s researchers have studied the scientific properties of gems, developing new methods of identifying natural, synthetic and treated gemstones. This research serves to protect all who buy and sell gems by ensuring accurate and unbiased standards for determining and describing gem quality. GIA research findings are incorporated into our educational programs, published in professional journals, used for developing practical instruments and tools, and applied in our grading and identification services every day. As an independent nonprofit organization, all of GIA’s activities are governed by its mission to serve the public. Click here to learn more.


HRD Antwerp

HRD Antwerp is Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification. An HRD Antwerp grading report represents the hallmark of authentic European quality and provides consumers with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing diamonds or jewellery. Our diamond laboratories in Antwerp (HQ), Mumbai and Istanbul use the most sophisticated technology and rely on the extensive expertise of our in-house research department. HRD Antwerp also develops and commercializes screening, detection, examination and manufacturing equipment for the benefit of the diamond industry and trade around the globe. Likewise, we organize international courses in various industry disciplines, create tailor-made programmes and offer individual coaching. Next to its diamond labs, HRD Antwerp also has representative offices in Spain, Italy, Israel, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Surat. Click here to learn more.


Massive Tech Lab

Massive Tech lab is the inventor of the G-Certain and J-Certain, accurate and cost-effective instruments for synthetic diamond detection. Massive Tech Lab develops high-end engineered technological products for the diamond industry. The company concentrates on the real-life problems of the diamond industry and develops end to end solutions to benefit customers. Company’s R&D team keeps track of the latest technology and market requirements to offer their customers hi-tech machinery and equipment that assist them to improve their capabilities and reduce overhead expenses.

Massive Tech Lab endeavors to avail products and services that fulfil customer’s engineering needs of business in the most cost-effective manner. To serve the diamond industry, Massive tech lab was established in the “city of diamonds”, Surat, India. Massive Tech Lab now has branch offices in Surat, Bhavnagar, and Mumbai with state-of-the-art instruments and skilled staff. The company has its own laboratory for Screening of synthetic diamonds in Surat and Bhavnagar and has won the trust of customers across the diamond market. Massive Tech Lab has a strong customer base for its cutting edge instruments in India, Russia, Armenia, United States of America, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Columbia, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions. Click here to learn more.


National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)/Nanjing Baoguang Test Technology Co

The National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) is a state-level gems, jewellery and jade quality inspection and testing institution in China and under the Ministry of Natural Resources. It was officially founded in 1992, headquarter in Beijing and has established top-ranking branch laboratories in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Shenyang, Pingzhou and Hong Kong with state-of-the-art instrument and skilled staff. It is China’s biggest and most sophisticated institution in gems and jewelry quality inspection. NGTC provides fully technical service for the gems & jewellery industry and consumers, and is now china’s foremost authority in testing and inspection. NGTC has established six comprehensive service platforms, including scientific & technical research and development, gems & jewellery standardization, testing and identification laboratory, education and training, promotion & marketing, and international cooperation & communication. It has become the constitutor and practicer of the national standard of gems and jewelry. NGTC also is playing the role of initiator and communicator of gems & jewellery cultural industry.

With the support of Nanjing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources, Nanjing Baoguang Test Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing a variety function instruments for gems & jewellery testing/identification and creating the brand of Baoguang Instrument. For more than 30 years, the company has been focusing on the professional development of gems testing instruments and development, which is dedicated to providing reliable, advanced and convenient solutions for gems testing. The products have been widely used in the national jewelry and jade quality testing center (NGTC) and various provincial and municipal gem product quality testing stations, domestic universities and research institutes. The company’s R & D has always been around the market demand, and to maintain a certain forward-looking, independent R & d and production of gemstone microscope, gemstone polarizer, gem refractometer, multi-spectral induced luminescence imaging system, UV-visible-near infrared fiber spectrometer, etc., has formed a reliable, stable, applicable reputation in the market, the instrument exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, India and other countries and regions. Click here to learn more.


Presidium Instruments

Presidium is the leading manufacturer of handheld gemological instruments that test and measure diamonds and gemstones. We offer the market a wide range of high-quality, precise and reliable products which include the diamond and moissanite testers, colored gemstone testers, digital gemstone gauges and the carat scales. A pioneer in the industry, since 1979, we are the first in the world to launch various handheld gemological instruments. Driven by our passion for innovation and technology, we have our own inhouse Research and Development and manufacturing capabilities. Today, we are one of the most trusted brand in the market and our portfolio of portable gemological instruments are internationally available in 38 countries through more than 100 resellers worldwide. Presidium is committed to serving the needs of the industry and as we continue to progress, we strive to pursue and deliver the hallmarks of our brand – quality, precision and reliability. Click here to learn more.



SATT Gems was founded in 2014 and stands for Swiss Analytical Testing Tools. It is a subsidiary of the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF one of the leading gemmological laboratories in the world. SSEF founded SATT Gems AG with the purpose of marketing and distributing ASDI machine, PearlScan® and developing new instruments for the gem and jewellery industry.

Diamond testing requires enduring and consistently high quality standards. This applies as much to lots of small diamonds as it does to large coloured diamonds. SSEF has developed ASDI for the watch and jewellery making industry, a device which can analyse very large quantities of melee diamonds at low cost. The machine uncovers colourless synthetic diamonds, both HPHT and CVD grown, as well as colourless HPHT-treated diamonds. Click here to learn more.


Smartpro Instrument

Smartpro Instrument is a globally reputed manufacturer of high quality gemological measuring and analyzing instrument-testers. Our products ranges from diamond testers, synthetic diamond, moissanite, HPHT, CVD, Type IIA, IIB, simulant, colored gemstone tester to digital diamond weight estimator.

Providing a smart-compelling design, quality and reliability leads us to grow and internationalize. Adding the wonderful feedbacks from our customers our testers reached so many countries worldwide in just a short period of time.

Aside from providing the most portable high-tech and easy to use instrument in the market today, Smartpro Instruments is also manufacture brands to give our customers value for their time, money and energy, we are also directed towards achieving the highest standards in the discipline of client satisfaction through our personalized after sale services, world class quality and economical price policy and most of all we are determined to give our clients the best product and services available. Click here to learn more.


Taidiam Technology

Taidiam Technology (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., located in economic development zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, was founded in July 2009, jointly by Dr. Joe C.C. Yuan and Dr. James C.M. Sung, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. Taidiam is a scientific and technological enterprise affirmed by municipal and provincial sci-tech department. Its initiator Dr. Joe C.C. Yuan and Dr. James C.M. Sung are world famous experts in diamond processing and synthetic diamond growing, now the main research projects include:

  1. CVD single crystal
  2. Polycrystalline diamond
  3. Research, development and manufacture of diamond identification tools, include DiamondDect3 and DiamondDect5

The research projects in jewelry, optoelectronics, semiconductor, diamond tools industry will produce revolutionary innovation, greatly improve the level of the world’s related industry. Click here to learn more.



Zvi Yehuda is the inventor of The Sherlock Holmes, an accurate, light weight, portable and user-friendly detector for Lab Grown Diamonds. The Sherlock Holmes, a revolutionary breakthrough is an affordable detector that provides protection to the diamond and jewelry industry. The detector checks instantly any size loose diamonds single or bulk as well as mounted jewelry. It was developed by Mr. Zvi Yehuda, a world-renowned scientist and pioneer in the diamond and jewelry industry. His inventions have paved the way for generations to come, here are a few of his inventions to date: 1965 — Laser drilling of diamonds. Some diamonds contain internal black spot imperfections, and by using a laser he was able to drill into the diamond and remove them. 1977 — The Yehuda Rough Diamond Colorimeter, a device that examines rough diamonds and predicts their true color after polishing. 1982 — Yehuda Clarity Enhancement, a process that makes visible imperfections (called a feathers) within the diamond -invisible to the naked eye. He found a way to insert a microscopic amount of material that has the same optical properties as a diamond into the inclusion, using a high pressure and high temperature process. 2017 — the Sherlock Holmes Lab Grown Diamond Detector. Click here to learn more.


Become an ASSURE Partner

The ASSURE directory will be regularly updated as new instruments are submitted to testing or re-testing. Instrument manufacturers that wish to submit their results for testing can contact us at assure@diamondproducers.com.



Click here to see the ASSURE Test results in the ASSURE Directory.