Dominion Diamond


Dominion Diamond Mines is Canada’s largest independent diamond producer and one of the largest rough diamond producers in the world by value. The company has ownership interests in two major producing diamond mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The company operates the Ekati Diamond Mine, in which it owns a controlling interest, and the Diavik Diamond Mine in which it holds a 40% interest. It supplies rough diamonds to the global market through its sorting and selling operations in Canada, Belgium and India.

The company maximizes the sales value of its rough stones from the Diavik and Ekati diamond mines and maintains a preferred position as a supplier of rough diamonds to the world’s diamond manufacturers (cutters and polishers) through the CanadaMark ™ hallmark. The company deals directly with clients and tailors rough diamond parcels to the client’s specific need.

Website: www.ddmines.com

Sustainability Reports

Ekati Socio-Economic Agreement Report 2018 2019
Ekati Socio-Economic Agreement Report 2017 April 2018
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016 2017
Diavik Sustainability Report 2017 2018
More information: www.ddmines.com/responsibility/

Annual Report

Year ends 31 January

FY 2017 12 April 2017