Helping to create a ripple effect across Botswana’s economy

De Beers, May 2017
[De Beers] has so many touchpoints with different parts of Botswana society, that simply contributing through royalties, dividends, taxes and employment is not enough for us. We need to look constantly for ways in which we can embed the opportunity for further economic development and diversification. And one important way in which we can provide direct support to Botswana’s businesses is through putting the supply chain to work. The more we can source the required goods and services from local providers, the more economic benefit can be retained in-country from our diamond exploration, mining, sorting and sales activities. Last year De Beers Group and its joint ventures spent P4.3 billion with Botswana-based suppliers. This represented more than 80 per cent of our total procurement spend in the country and helps to ensure that other enterprises in the country can grow alongside us.