34.8KW solar rooftop plant at diamond grading institute

Times of India, February 2018 The International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), a part of the world’s leading De Beers Group, has become the first international company in the Diamond City to install a 34.8 kilowatt solar roof at its grading and inscription facility. In a big move for providing its operations with … Continued

Myths Busted: The Truth About Diamonds

Rapaport, December 2017 Unlike almost any other industry, mining builds communities and a sense of belonging, none more so than in diamonds,” says Kathy Chappell of Fair Trade Gems, who was recently named ethical-issues adviser to the London Diamond Bourse (LDB). The isolated nature of diamond mines means the workforce lives close by and develops … Continued

5,000 lives changed…and counting

De Beers, December 2017 The Khula Weekend School (KWS) was founded in 1997 to help students aged between 15 and 18 with high potential but who were not performing at school. Students signed up to attend extra lessons at weekends to achieve the results in maths, science and English they need to apply to university. … Continued

Diamonds Do Good: Sharing the Wealth

Rapaport, December 2017 Now in its 10th year, the Ddiamond Empowerment Fund has given out millions of dollars in student grants and to organizations that facilitate access to better education, skill-building and vocational training, the fund reports. The idea is that students should come back and contribute to the economic development of their home countries

Putting men’s health on the agenda

De Beers, November 2017 At De Beers Group, men’s health has been integrated into our wellness and occupational health programmes. These include education and screening of common male cancers, raising awareness around mental and psychological wellbeing, and education about healthy living.We also run risk-based medical surveillance programmes that take into account cognisant issues relating to … Continued

Diamonds that Make the World a Better Place

77 Diamonds, October 2017 Most people are unaware of the positive impact that diamonds have on various communities. In remote locations where diamonds are mined, their sales have helped turn around the lives of local communities that either developed because of the mining process, or pre-existed. Lifting them up from depths of poverty, hunger, and … Continued

Benefication core to De Beers business model

Mail and Guardian, July 2017 As part of its sustainable beneficiation programme De Beers provides training and development, supplies rough diamonds for local cutting and polishing, facilitates jewellery design and manufacture and supports enterprise development.

Helping to create a ripple effect across Botswana’s economy

De Beers, May 2017 [De Beers] has so many touchpoints with different parts of Botswana society, that simply contributing through royalties, dividends, taxes and employment is not enough for us. We need to look constantly for ways in which we can embed the opportunity for further economic development and diversification. And one important way in … Continued

MAC fetes Dominion Diamond and Vale with 2017 TSM Excellence Awards

Mining Association of Canada, May 2017 Both Dominion Diamond and Vale have been recognized with TSM Excellence Awards for demonstrating how leading mining companies are integrating sustainability into all aspects of their business, from transforming how they process waste on site to how they ship their products to market. We congratulate both companies for successfully … Continued

De Beers celebrates wildlife conservation accolade

April 2017 The Wildlife Ranching South Africa Award has been picked up by De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) for its ecological management of four private game reserves in the Northern Cape and Limpopo provinces. Judges singled out DBCM’s ‘disciplined approach’ as being ‘best-in-class in the industry’ and highlighted the success of its sustainable wildlife management … Continued