Diamonds Doing Their Part

Today’s consumers carry their own diamond loupe when they walk into a diamond retailer.  It’s a smart phone and they’re peering not at the diamond but at the industry that has completed the diamond’s billion-year journey to this moment.

It’s an important moment… the livelihoods of ten million people around the world depend on this consumer’s continued passion for diamonds and trust in our industry.  The Diamond Producers Association was created by the main diamond producers to ensure that consumers continue to see a billion-year old diamond as a unique and rare symbol of what is most important and precious in their life, and to further enhance the confidence of all stakeholders in our product and our industry.

All DPA members are passionate about making a positive impact through their activities so that consumers can be confident when considering the following questions:

Are diamonds a driver for development and progress? Is there clear evidence that the people, communities and countries involved in bringing this diamond to me have been treated fairly and are going to benefit from my purchase?

Is my passion for the environment shared by the diamond industry?
I’m buying nature’s most brilliant creation. What is the mining industry doing to manage the environmental impact associated with the extraction of diamonds?

DPA members are responsible for c.75% of the world diamond production.  They are publicly listed companies operating under the utmost scrutiny and they make it a priority to operate their businesses responsibly and sustainably.   They all share a passion for diamonds, but also for keeping their employees safe, partnering with their communities, and protecting the environment in which they operate.

Prior to joining the DPA, potential members have to demonstrate that they meet stringent sustainability standards and reporting criteria.  Upon joining, they each sign a formal commitment to further improve by actively sharing best practices in health and safety, supply chain integrity, community partnership and environmental management.

This is the story of the DPA members’ passion for diamonds, care for the environment from which they come and partnership with the people and communities we work with to bring them to consumers.  There is further detail, with many examples, both in the regular reports produced by the individual DPA members on their Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Impact, and in articles/videos on these topics in the media.