E-Learning Platform and Trade Portal Access 

The DPA Trade portal is the hub for members of the diamond trade within the United States to access free content and education that the DPA produces, including videos, commercials, print ads, social media content, e-learning education, diamond stories, and more. The trade is encouraged to share this content in order to amplify positive messages about diamonds, educate consumers, and keep your channels up to date and interesting.


The e-learning platform is one of most popular tools and is a proven sales aid that also provides gift card rewards for participating retailers. It is accessed within the trade portal. Note: E-learning rewards are only available to current retail jewelry sales people in the United States.


DPA Campaign advertising videos and print ads are also available through the trade portal. You can directly download print ads and tag with your company information for your own use. You can also view and request our campaign commercials and we will tag with your store information for free.


Follow the steps below to gain access to the trade portal

  • Click here to create a new account
  • Fill out the form (it takes approximately 30 seconds)
  • Wait for your confirmation email in no more than 48 hours and you will be able to log in and access all of these great assets and the e-learning

E-learning instructions

  • We highly recommend each individual who takes the e-learning create their own account in the trade portal – if a separate account is not created then the participant will not be able to receive the rewards
  • After creating an account and logging into the trade portal, click “launch e-learning”
  • The platform will open in a new window and you may need to enter your name and email
  • The e-learning should then begin automatically